Quality Policy adopted by PROMET METAL A.Ş., is as described below:

To observe customer satisfaction in all operations and to offer products and services that comply with international standards;

To make entire personnel become aware of our quality principles, to improve their knowledge and skills through training; to make them adopt the principle of team spirit and to ensure they, in turn, make constructions to constant improvement;

To meet the principles of ‘High Quality’, ‘Efficiency’, and ‘Timely Delivery’ at all stages and to prevent customer complaints in the first place;

To ensure our Quality Management System complies with the international terms and conditions, to monitor compliance constantly, to improve efficiency and to plan the works accordingly.

To ensure sustained trust in our company by customers and personnel in the light of the aforecited principles is an utmost privilege of PROMET METAL A.Ş.


  • Thermal Shock Endurance,
  • Adherence,
  • Welding Resistance,
  • Planerite,
  • Linearity,
  • Homogeneous Coating Thickness,

The aforecited performance criteria are monitored throughout the production; results are recorded and maintained depending on the guarantee term of our solution partners.