Human Resources

Promet Metal A.Ş., is aware of the fact that rapidly-growing changing competitive edge is attainable by a well-invested brain power.

Having adopted the most privileged principle of excellence and improved & superior performance in all operations, we have strong belief in providing equal working opportunities for all with no discrimination based on age, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, political approach and physical condition.

Our Policy of Human Resources

Based on the recognition that customer satisfaction derives from personnel satisfaction, what lies beneath our Human Resources Policy is the importance we attach to a healthy and peaceful work environment that is based on trust and with no concessions on moral values and ethics. For sustainable accomplishment and advancement at work, we intend to recruit human resources as we need them in accordance with our principles and strategies, and to make efficiency and productivity out of it as per the modern practices of Human Resources.

Our Principles

We focus on prioritising personnel satisfaction, motivation and loyalty as an integral part of our principles of Human Resources. In this framework, our major principles of human Resources are as follows:

  • To create and sustain a suitable work environment for occupational health and safety,
  • To observe tangible and intangible rights and benefits of our personnel, and to offer a qualified, peaceful and warm atmosphere where individual and corporate values are shared,
  • To improve personnel motivation, and to provide equal opportunities for all personnel,
  • To follow a transparent and open policy of management,
  • To appreciate high performers and to reward them as much as possible,
  • To offer constant training and opportunity of self-betterment,
  • To follow up with the advancements on a constant basis in order to revise, update and improve our policy of human resources,
  • To reveal skills of our personnel,
  • To gain talented personnel and to improve loyalty.